Gauged Threaded Dangle Earrings




These classy dangle gauged earrings are made from sterling silver and will look great on you, super sparkly as you move! Sold as a pair of 2

They are hand made from solid sterling silver wire and chain. They can be worn in ear holes 10 gauge or larger.
Overall they measure 4″ Each little bar measures 3/4″ (19mm) The chain measures about 2.5″

The smaller gauges look great in any size earlobe. If you don’t want to stretch your holes any further we recommend dropping down a size or two as they get heavier the larger you go.

Choose your gauge from the drop down menu:
10 gauge = 2.5mm
8 gauge = 3mm
6 gauge = 4mm
4 gauge = 5mm
2 gauge = 6mm
0 gauge = 8mm


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All orders are carefully handmade just for you and take about 4 days to fabricate.

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