Dangle Gauged Earrings in Hammered Finish


Hand Forged  Sterling Silver



These classy gauged earrings are made from sterling silver and will look great on you! Sold as a pair of 2

Hand forged from sterling silver rod. They can be worn in ear holes 10 gauge or larger and measure 2.5″ long (64mm) from top to bottom.

The will not work through tunnels and are meant to be worn alone. They have a beautiful polished hammer texture to reflect light.

The smaller gauges look great in any size earlobe. If you don’t want to stretch your holes any further we recommend dropping down a size or two as they get heavier the larger you go.

Choose your gauge from the drop down menu:
10 gauge = 2.5mm
8 gauge = 3mm
6 gauge = 4mm
4 gauge = 5mm
2 gauge = 6mm



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