Capped Gold Plugs


Yellow Gold Dipped Sterling Silver



Sold in pairs! (For a single one, please contact me!)

I made these plugs from sterling silver and used electricity to plate them with 24 karat yellow gold. I finished them with a soft satin finish.

Earring tubes measure about 10mm long. I can finish the backs one of three ways (last photo) either straight tubes, flared, or with a groove for the o-ring. All styles come with a pair of o-rings.

Available Sizes:
1/2 inch (12.7mm)
00 Gauge (9.8mm)
0 Gauge (8mm)
2 Gauge (6mm)
4 Gauge (5mm)
6 gauge (4mm)
8 gauge (3mm)
(For other sizes please contact me.)


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